How to Renew Your Forklift License

Posted on April 30, 2021

Is Your Forklift License Expired?

forklift certificate imageYou probably already knew that you can’t operate a forklift with an expired license. Why? In short, because OSHA says so.

In fact, OSHA is incredibly specific about forklift training and evaluation. You have to get refresher training every three years to keep your forklift license current.

So, if your forklift license is expired, take a forklift safety training, written exam, and practical evaluation. Then get back to work! It’s as simple as that.

Is Your Forklift License Expiring?

Take a quick look at your forklift license. Are you coming up on the expiration date? Don’t worry. All you have to do is take a forklift safety training, written exam, and practical evaluation.

It’s best to keep your license up to date so that you can continue operating on your worksite as usual. Talk to your employer about signing up for a refresher course if you need one.

But I Don’t Want to Take A Training Course Again!

We can’t help you there. OSHA will issue penalties if they discover you’re operating with your forklift license expired.

You need to take a forklift safety course, written exam, and practical exam to be licensed. The reason is that over time, any operator can become lax with safe operations. Not only that but the written and practical exams prove your continued competency.

If there happened to be an accident on your worksite involving an unlicensed forklift operator, OSHA could issue fines as high as $134,937 per violation.

Don’t let that be your company. Come to us if your forklift license expired or is about to. We can offer you training on:

Good luck, and stay safe!