How to Get Forklift Certified in 5 Days or Less

Posted on August 17, 2021

Do you want to get a license to drive a forklift? No clue where to start? Here are the steps you need to know to get your certification and get to work!

OSHA requires anyone operating a forklift to take a training course and be certified for that specific machine. There are certain standards that the training must follow, as well.

First, you need to figure out what type of forklift certification you need. OSHA has defined seven different classes of “industrial trucks,” from a sit-down rider to a rough terrain forklift. Make sure you get the license you need for the job you want.

Next, you need to find a certification course. Make sure that the training you pick is OSHA compliant so you can learn the proper standards. If this is for your current job, then your employer should direct you to a course.

Next: Take the course! Training can take anywhere from one to five days, depending on the course and the number of people involved, so get started early. Here, you’ll learn safety, OSHA rules, driving techniques, and maintenance.

Once you’re done with the course, you just have to pass the written exam! You typically need a 75-80% to continue training.

Then comes the exciting part: hands-on training. You’ll get to demonstrate your skills by training and practicing on forklift equipment! The trainer will then assess your skills, efficiency, and safety and grade you.

Finally, you’ll receive your final evaluation and, provided they are up to the instructor’s standards, you will be officially certified! This certification will last you about three years and you can use that license to apply for jobs and start your career.

To learn more about this and find trainings for yourself, check out this sit down forklift training package or look here for other types of forklift trainings. Good luck and stay safe!

get certified in 5 days or less